K'alhwá7al'ap snek'wnúk'wa7
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Xwísten Experience Tours

Traditional Fishing Rock & Archaeological Village Tours

Available June—September

Xwísten Experience Tours

Come visit the Bridge River Fishing Grounds, the past and current fishing area of the St'át'imc People. Learn about the traditional wind-dried method of preserving the salmon still used by its people today.

Also take part in a tour of an extensive archaeological village site which contains over 80 identified pit houses (s7ístken) - the traditional winter homes of the St'át'imc people. Explore a s7ístken on-site!

To complete the tour, partake in a Salmon BBQ, complete with salmon, rice, salad, and bannock. Dessert is a traditional dish of whipped berries (sxúsum).











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